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Opening An Account – The Process

So! You’ve decided to get rid of some clothing. Either your closet is too full, or you just need to switch things up a bit, whatever the reason, we are happy to hear it! These are some of the steps we advise you to take before bringing your items in. These will help opening an account become a smooth procedure.

Step 1: Sort your clothing according to season. New-To-You is a seasonal boutique, so if there is snow on the ground, we are looking for boots, winter coats, sweater, scarves, etc. and the same applies for every other season.

Step 2: Once you have sorted your items according to season, please launder them. Even if clothing has been laundered before being put in storage, it is always a good idea to freshen them up again. Items that smell musty, smoky, like mothballs, or just not clean will not be accepted.

Step 3: Inspect your items. Look for any discoloration, stains, holes, or any areas that show considerable wear. If you see anything like this, the store will be unable to accept the item(s).

Step 4: Ask yourself when you bought the pieces you are considering for consignment. If the items are older than two years they will not make the cut. Even if the items are in mint condition or have hardly been worn, once the style and labels change, it becomes very difficult to sell the item(s) at consignment prices.

Step 5:  Pack your items neatly into a small shopping bag. Please bring in a minimal amount – NOT a garbage bag full – to open your account. You will have the option of a New-To-You employee to go through your items with you to show what is acceptable and what is not acceptable.

Step 6: Once your clothes are sorted, you will be given a contract to read and sign. You will then be given an account number. All your items brought in that meet the stores requirements will be priced under the assigned account number. You will receive 40% of the selling price, once the items sell, as cash or credit to use in the store.

Please note: Your items are never returned to you. Once in the store as priced, for two months or until the end of the season, if your items do not sell, they will be donated. Items brought in accidentally, or are wanted to be returned to the consignor at the end of the two month period, are not the responsibility of New-To-You. In the case of fire, accident or theft, New-To-You claims no responsibility for paying for these items, as in-store value, or original retail value.

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