What We Take

We at New-To-You try our very best to make our selection of merchandise diversified, unique and interesting for our customers. Store and window displays are constantly changing, stock is turning over quickly and we strive to stay on top of current trends and popular styles. New-To-You offers a wide variety and selection of items to purchase, from home décor and small furniture to men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, as well as outer-wear including shoes and hats. Also accepted are jewelry, belts and purses, as long as they are in style as well as in-season and in great shape.

In regards to clothing, please remember: the better the condition and the better the name brand, the more the store can price it for and the more you, the consignor, will receive when it sells!

What We Are Unable To Take

Because New-To-You stays up to the minute in styles and our turnover is very high, we’ve been able to distinguish based on research and past sales what sells better than others within the store. Based on this information we do not accept the following:

  • Mens dress clothes including dress shirts, tuxes and suits
  • Bridal wear including wedding dresses and bridesmaids dresses
  • Electronics or appliances including computers, phones, video games, bread makers, foot massage baths, etc.
  • Cribs, car seats, helmets, safety equipment or padding
  • Sporting gear including cleats, hockey sticks, baseball gloves, etc.

Given that there are other clothing stores, both new as well as second-hand here in North Bay, we are required to turn away some specific name brands based on local prices/mark downs. Certain clothing labels become reduced in stores, or start off at very low prices, making it impossible for New-To-You to maintain our adherence to high standards and quality garments at consistent prices. Labels we cannot accept include:

  • 725 Originals
  • SWS
  • Penmans
  • Basic
  • g21
  • Ardene
  • Bluenotes

These labels are to give our consignors a guideline to follow when bringing clothing in. These are not all the labels we do not accept but are listed to help consignors and potential consignors be familiar with our requirements for quality and original retail price.