About the New-To-You-Shoppe

Our goal for this website is to help our customers and consignors become more familiar with the consignment process and allow for a maximum of interaction with our clientele. At New-To-You, we are dedicated to our consignors and customers and do everything in our power to help consignment dealings be a positive experience for all those involved. From the steps taken to opening an account and selling your items, to purchasing a fantastic pre-loved piece of clothing or décor, we want to share our information as well as enthusiasm so when it comes to consignment, you will always remember “New-To-You”!

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New-To-You-Shoppe Auctions

From time to time we auction unique, desirable and one of a kind items.  These auctions take place on our Facebook Group by adding a comment on an item with your bid price, you place your bid.  In the main item description, the auction end time is provided.

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